May 25, 2018 - June 15, 2018
23 works

Sandra Jones Campbell - Marilyn's Summer Suit
Marilyn's Summer Suit
Daphne Confar - Liam collects his thoughts
Liam collects his thoughts
John Dowd - East End Twilight I
East End Twilight I
Chet Jones - Yellow Awning
Yellow Awning
Armando Pedroso - Driftwood #10
Driftwood #10
Kate Ryan - Boat on Howland Street
Boat on Howland Street
Michael Costello - Labor Day
Labor Day
Walter Horak - Rotor 4/7
Rotor 4/7
Jane O'Hara - Bimini Bliss
Bimini Bliss
Rachael Eastman - Summer Solace
Summer Solace
Thomas Burns - Moss Landing
Moss Landing
Christopher Sousa - To the Point of Recklessness
To the Point of Recklessness
Richard Whitten -
John Dowd - Late Night (Miami)
Late Night (Miami)
Armando Pedroso - Driftwood #6
Driftwood #6
Kate Ryan - Old Colony Entrance
Old Colony Entrance
Michael Costello - The Lovers 17
The Lovers 17
Jane O'Hara - The Gaze
The Gaze
Thomas Burns - Sun Break
Sun Break
Christopher Sousa - World at My Command
World at My Command
Richard Whitten - Quatre
John Dowd - Lengthening Shadows
Lengthening Shadows
Armando Pedroso - Superficial Dandelions
Superficial Dandelions