Fall Salon 2019
September 13, 2019 - December 21, 2019
18 works

Sandra Jones Campbell - Rockin' a Red Speedo
Rockin' a Red Speedo
Daphne Confar - Theirs is a friendship of sunny afternoons
Theirs is a friendship of sunny afternoons
John Dowd - Afternoon Shadows
Afternoon Shadows
Chet Jones - North Truro Cottages
North Truro Cottages
Armando Pedroso - Driftwood #16
Driftwood #16
Kate Ryan - Stop
Michael Costello - Melancholia
Jane O'Hara - The Singing Rodent
The Singing Rodent
Christopher Sousa - Studio at Night
Studio at Night
Richard Whitten - Les Ondes (the waves)
Les Ondes (the waves)
Sandra Jones Campbell - The Crossing
The Crossing
John Dowd - Autumn Dunes
Autumn Dunes
Chet Jones - Winter View from Beach
Winter View from Beach
Armando Pedroso - Misty Morning 10
Misty Morning 10
Kate Ryan - Truro Package Store
Truro Package Store
Michael Costello - Meringues
Christopher Sousa - The Story's End
The Story's End
Richard Whitten - Shape of Eight
Shape of Eight